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Marilyn Manson-Dead to the world (part 8 8)

Status Partially Found

Sometime between 1996 and 1998, Marilyn Manson held a house party, with which he intended to also make short film out of. He informed the guests that a woman would be arriving, and that he would be filming her.

The film, which he titled Groupie, begins with a shot of Manson sucking Jeordie "Twiggy" White's (of Manson's band) flaccid penis through a condom. The groupie arrives, and is invited inside (Manson has previously implied that she was an actor portraying a fan, and knew roughly what she was in for).

They make her do increasingly perverse things from drinking Stephen Bier's (also of Manson's Band) urine, which she does, but only after convincing Manson to also drink it. The rest of the details are relatively unknown, although she is tied up at one point, and bloodshed and a gun are supposedly involved. The guests at the party were said to have been made uncomfortable by the incident, as they didn't know if it had genuinely happened, or had been previously planned.

Manson's manager Tony Ciulla, after seeing the film, urged him to hide the master tapes, for fear that Manson would ruin his career, and possibly go to jail. The film has never been released, although a few short segments of it appeared at the end of Manson's video-album Dead to the World. The segment shows a tied up woman in a chair, with Manson offscreen. He then intimidates her into repeating the phrase "Jesus loves me because the Bible tells me so". There is currently no other footage of the short film available to the public.

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